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Hunt Heritage works with your team to collect all necessary information, as well as your needs and ideas in order to proceed to the realization phase. We further estimate the costs and time-frame of the project, and proceed to confirm the deadlines and workflow. Working out all the site specific requirements are crucial at this stage of the process.
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In this phase we gather all our sourced materials and begin the building recording phase of architectural detailing and layout of the work. There are multiple rounds of communication and reviews required to begin the actual removal of the deteriorated material. Whether it is wood rot or damaged brick, we carefully consider the dimensions of the existing materials and how they relate of the new or salvaged replacement. We will often go out of our way to clean and restore the original material before considering new. This process allows us to work together as a team in order to come up with the best solution for the building and its future.
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By now the architect and owner have now experienced Hunt Heritage and examined the workmanship. We take pride in this phase as it gives us a sense of completion once the building has been put back together. The end result should blend in seamlessly with the surroundings and breath new life back into the building. We will make a point of going out of our way to make any small necessary changes if needed and leave the work site clean. Hunt Heritage is here to support you on any step to forward your project to success. We measure our results together.